What everyone always wants to know about BSB Poker

BSB Poker currently accepts Zelle, Apple Pay, Cash App, Venmo, Google Pay and Bitcoin. Please contact us through our support channel on the Telegram Messenger app for our payment addresses

Please join our support channel on the Telegram app as shown on our contact page. We handle all deposits there

Please see the cash out policy section on our cash out page for complete list of our cash out rules

We don't have a minimum deposit at BSB Poker

The minimum buy in for the lowest-stakes game available is $4

Telegram is a secure, encrypted messaging app that allows us to provide first-rate 24h customer service to all our players. You can keep your identity completely anonymous by using Telegram

While we welcome referrals from everyone, we will not give you full agent status unless you have been an agent before with another club or can demonstrate that you can reach many players right away

If you have referred at least five active players, you can request a review to become a full-fledged agent with BSB