How To Set Up PokerBros

  • 1
    Download the PokerBros app

    The app is available on iPhone and Android. You can download it from the link below
  • 2
    Create a PokerBros account

    The first screen you will see when you start the app will look like this. Enter a log in name (this will NOT be the name displayed at the tables - we recommend using something very easy to remember) and a password and click 'Register'

    Please remember your log in details. We will NOT be able to help you if you forget it!

  • 3
    Create a player name
  • 4
    Know your account identity

    You can check your account identity and change your avatar by clicking on your avatar in the main lobby

    The number under your avatar is your player ID number. You can change your player name, but you need to buy diamonds in order to do so. You can change your avatar by clicking on it

  • 5
    How to join a club

    Click the 'Join' button (if you are already in a club, click the magnifying glass)

    Enter 24877 for the club code and 38172 for the agent code unless you were told to enter a different agent code

    Return to the main join page and start with step 2